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Unify Operations, Practice and Reporting across Multiple Programs and Funders.

In an ever-changing landscape, family service organisations face the challenge of maintaining client-centric support while juggling multiple programs, funding requirements, and reporting obligations. The recent webinar by Family Support Newcastle sheds light on their holistic approach to address this challenge, providing valuable insights on using data, narrative evidence, and embedding good practices. In this blog post, we will delve into the key takeaways from the webinar and explore how organizations can adapt their services to meet the diverse needs of children, families, and communities. Navigating Change and Achieving Client-Centric Support: Insights from the Family Support Newcastle Webinar

How a holistic focus on children & families changes ‘siloed services’

Family Support Newcastle Case Study

How to stay true to the purpose of a place-based community organisation that has been serving local children & families for 40 years? We hear from Sue Hellier (CEO) & Erin Beard (Team Leader) at Family Support Newcastle about holistic approaches and adapting siloed-services to meet the needs of children, families & communities in the Hunter region. We talk about the current changes to the minimum data set and reporting for the group of Intensive Family Support and Preservation programs funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice and the introduction of the new InfoShare reporting platform. More broadly, its a story about how to manage change across multiple programs & funding buckets, how to use data & narrative evidence to understand whats changing for families, & how to embed good practice through the work. Thanks to Sue & Erin for your generosity & sense of humour! It is a joy to partner with Family Support Newcastle to think & do different, to support changes in funding programs and reporting platforms as they arise, so that you can get on with the critical work of meeting the needs of children & families in your community.   1. Introduction to Family Support Newcastle and background