CSnet® Online Support

CSnet® Online Support is the ticketing system used by CSnet®, to manage agreed changes to be made to your organisation’s database, as well as new reports and notifications of bugs. Local CSnet® managers and administrators will be provided with a secure logon to CSnet® Online Support.

The system ensures that requests and issues raised are –

  • All in one place and easy to log
  • Tracked so that you can see the progress of requests
  • Analysed so that we can identify patterns in the support requests, and suggest areas of training or change over time.

Support is about practice as well as IT

We support organisations to get the best out of CSnet®. We do this working not only with system administrators, but with practice leaders and managers as well. This is because CSnet®  is not simply an IT provider – it is a practice based IT company. Getting the best out of CSnet® is based on strong communication between practice leaders and our in-house people.

This means organisations do well with CSnet® when their practice leaders are able to understand the CSnet® architecture, and provide regular input to configuration, changes being considered, and monitoring of data. We offer a regular fortnightly catch up with your practice leaders and administrators, to touch base on the organisation’s Online Support log, and chat about how things are going, and ideas for improvement.

There is a regular user group meeting, in which we look at changes and updates pending, as well as ideas for development. In addition, CSnet® hosts an annual forum on practice issues and related development with interested organisations, as a means of keeping in touch with the interests and needs of the user community.