Communication and Advice


Post implementation, CSnet® offers a fortnightly catch up with our team. We talk, we listen, we learn together. 30 minutes on the phone is all it takes to stay on top of the agenda, and be clear about the next most important thing.

There is email and the online support and so on, and sometimes, nothing beats a conversation. When change initiatives are agreed, they are documented in CSnet® Online Support. More broadly, communication occurs through –

  • User group meetings – these occur on a weekly basis, online and by telephone, to talk about new or potential CSnet® features
  • Annual CSnet® Administrators and Managers Forum – this is an annual one day get together of CSnet® administrators and managers to discuss changes in the sector, new ways of doing things, and the CSnet® development roadmap.


Experienced human services practitioners provide advice on –

  • Data requirements
  • Screen layout
  • Report design and implementation
  • Outcomes, practice frameworks and related measures
  • Learning and training strategies
  • Data management, migrations and change strategies
  • Security roles.

Again, change initiatives are documented in CSnet® Online Support.

CSnet® Guides and E-Resources

  • The CSnet® Introductory User Guide
  • CSnet® Administrator Guide
  • CSnet® DEX User Guide
  • Ideas for Integrating CSnet® with Policies and Procedures

The Guides are in electronic format and can be integrated with your internal procedures to support daily workflow and practice.

We record animated gif files to support your ongoing learning and training about the system and new features as they are released. The animations can also be embedded in your procedures, or saved on your local drive as a complementary learning tool.