Social Impact Measurement Network Australia (SIMNA) Webinar

In this September 2020 SIMNA webinar, Mandy (CSnet) is joined by Sarah Ryan, Education Manager at the Les Twentyman Foundation (LTF) – a small organisation that supports vulnerable young people at risk. LTF went live with CSnet in July 2020 during Victoria’s hard lockdown.

Together, we talk about the ‘how’ in measuring and managing outcomes in community services organisations:

  1. How to understand what is possible as part of your everyday client information system while keeping an eye on the potential to measure your outcomes.
  2. How to integrate outcomes measurement (and multiple outcomes frameworks) into everyday organisational learning.
  3. How a strong partnership fit can support you to get started on your outcomes measurement journey.

Mandy shares key features in the CSnet client information system and demonstrates how technology can support practice to measure and manage outcomes emerging from your everyday work with clients and communities. Sarah discusses why a focus on outcomes is important to LTF, and shares some of the current internal challenges and team positives as LTF ‘gets going, gets better’, in partnership with CSnet.