Uploads and Links

We support B2B links to other systems

CSnet is built with an Application Programming Interface (API). This means that CSnet can establish a system-to-system connection to any other modern API-enabled software system – this is the way of the future and significantly reduces the burden of reporting to multiple funding agencies.

We connect seamlessly to government reporting systems (via the CSnet API)

DSS Data Exchange (DEX)
CSnet supports organisations to collect DEX minimum data sets and the partnership approach – the data is automatically uploaded to DSS DataExchange (DEX) in real time for all Commonwealth and State DEX reporting programs. There are now over 75 different Commonwealth and State funding programs linked to DEX reporting (see dex.dss.gov.au) and any of these may be supported by the CSnet DEX facility.

CSnet checks for errors as data entry is undertaken – any incomplete data or entry errors are notified to your worker on screen so they can be easily corrected.

You can embed your measurement instruments or client surveys to support DEX SCORE Outcomes in CSnet. You can send a survey by email to clients or complete the survey together on-screen. Completed surveys are saved securely in CSnet in Australia, mapped to SCORE outcomes in accord with your requirements and the DSS Translation Matrix, and sent directly to DEX.

NSW organisations that are funded to deliver Targeted Earlier Intervention Programs use CSnet to report to DEX –

  • collect all the data in CSnet required to meet agreed contract targets
  • show compliance and partnership data is uploaded to DEX from CSnet
  • generate Client and Community SCORE surveys that can be sent by your email or completed on-screen together to show TEI Program outcomes and change over time.

More accurate data, less time chasing down errors, and no manual data entry to the DEX Portal – this will save you days of time each reporting period!

We support file uploads directly from CSnet to government reporting systems

Data integration from CSnet with government reporting systems reduces the need for duplicate manual data entry, saves time and improves the accuracy of data transfers.

Victorian Human Services Data Collections
CSnet is an approved client information system with system data integration with IRIS, managed by the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH). IRIS is an important reporting system for numerous child and family service case types in Victoria. CSnet® supports the full IRIS data set and reporting process, including Child FIRST referrals between organisations, trackbacks and exports to the Department. Validation messaging supports the presentation of errors in IRIS data entry on-screen by CSnet® to the relevant worker.

Victorian Alcohol and Drug Data Collection (VADC)
CSnet is an approved client information system that may be used by organisations to meet reporting requirements under the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Data Collection (VADC). Approved Alcohol and Drug Treatment providers in Victoria report under VADC to the Victorian Department of Health. Further details on VADC may be accessed from this site –

Looking After Children (LAC)
Out-of-home care services in Victoria have obligations to maintain and provide information about children and young people in their care using the ‘Looking After Children’ documentation. This documentation is designed to maintain an up-to-date record of the growth and development of children, and to optimise support for continuity of care.
CSnet® offers organisations the capacity to integrate the LAC documentation with their configuration of out-of-home care case types in the system. This means that the generation of LAC documents occurs automatically, in the correct formats, using appropriate case notes and links with other providers, stored in the system. LAC documentation emerges from the records of case work – it is no longer an added task that must be done if and when it is needed.

Commonwealth and Specialist Homelessness Services Data Collection (SHS)
CSnet is an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Approved Client Management System – it complies with and is approved to supply Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) collection data to the Institute. All data is collected in CSnet and reported by file upload to Validata for the SHS Minimum data set.

Further information about the SHS collection is available through this link –

Community Legal Assistance Services System (CLASS)
CLASS is the government reporting platform for Community Legal Centres and Family Violence Prevention Legal Services funded across Australia by the Commonwealth and State governments. CSnet was actively involved in the initial trial of the CLASS file uploads and integration with Community Legal Centres Australia during 2020. This was done as part of the initiative of the national network in pursuit of consistent data for the sector, as discussed here –

CSnet is an approved software vendor for CLASS data integrations – data uploads directly from CSnet to CLASS to meet all compliance reporting requirements and CSnet is fully compatible with the National Legal Assistance Data Standards. Legal and family violence services no longer need to use CLASS and can now implement CSnet as their whole-of-organisation case management, community education and advocacy system.

Home and Community Care (HACC)
Home and Community Care (HACC) services provide support services so that frail older people and people with a disability can continue to live in their community. These services provide eligible people with help at home, support in getting out into the community, and a break for carers.

In Victoria, CSnet is an approved vendor supporting service providers to collect HACC compliance data in CSnet. Quarterly compliance reports are generated directly from CSnet to meet all funding requirements for the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services.

For more information about Home and Community Care in Victoria, follow this link –

Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP)
​​The Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) is a Commonwealth Government program to support humanitarian entrants and other eligible visa holders integrate into Australian life. Under the Program, approved community organisations are contracted to work with new arrivals to settle in Australian communities and build the skills they need to become self-reliant and effective members of society.

Referrals are provided to approved organisations by the Department of Home Affairs, using a specially formatted spreadsheet. When referrals are received, CSnet works with organisations to assist them to quickly create required records, including –

  • A client, family and case record
  • HSP identifiers
  • Deliverables required under the contract, including timeframes within which services are due.

This ensures that HSP case records are created quickly and accurately, and work can commence immediately on supporting arrivals.

Other system integrations

We continue to collaborate with our CSnet organisations and funding agencies to identify strategic initiatives to build B2B links.

B2B not only save organisations time, but also ensure the integrity, privacy and security of sensitive client information is protected. Areas under consideration include:

  • The Orange Door supporting family violence services in Victoria
  • CRIS / CRISP child protection and out-of-home care case records system in Victoria
  • NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme for Commonwealth funded disability support services
  • Critical Incident Management System (CIMS) in Victoria
  • Medicare and telehealth links for counselling and allied health services