Client satisfaction, clinical assessment and other measures

CSnet® will assist your organisation to get concrete about how you are making a difference.

You can embed any type of instrument or survey in CSnet®, linking indicators to outcomes. You can:

  • Use ‘pre’ and ‘post’ measures to report on change over time
  • Link indicators to case plan items, as well as to group work and community activities
  • Link results to individual clients and group participants, or to case / group participants as a whole
  • Create de-identified aggregated outcome results
  • Align instruments to SCORE domains, and automatically upload them to the DSS Data Exchange (DEX)
  • Email a secure link to surveys from CSnet® to clients and group participants where appropriate. Make it easy for clients to complete responses online – once it is saved it is secure and available to your organisation for real time reporting and analysis.

In CSnet® there is no limit to surveys or measures that can be used, and no restriction on the scale or rating types, text and other indicator formats.