Embed your practice framework
The outcomes achieved can be strengthened by the quality of practice when working with clients and communities.

Use CSnet® to

  • Support workers and practitioners and embed the organisation’s practice framework
  • Structure casework and other activities around a cycle of assessment, planning, delivery and review, based on your framework and with clear timeframes
  • Monitor the achievement of timeframes in case plans and other activities in real time
  • Support a narrative or unstructured approach without timeframes or plans if this better suits your practice
  • Control high risk areas such as individual incident management and complaints with special processes, whole-of-organisation registers, and internal notifications or alerts
  • Reflect your practice framework in organisational reports for in-house learning, for government, impact investors and other stakeholders.

Motivate your frontline workers to collect quality data in real time, and demonstrate the connection between what they do and the outcomes sought with clients and communities.