Supporting evaluation and improvement

CSnet® will support the instruments and surveys needed to bring real time data to your monitoring and evaluation. Use your preferred surveys and instruments to test your theory of change, program logic or other evaluation framework. There is no limit to the options – it depends on what is right for your purpose:

  • Outcome Star
  • Child Neglect Index
  • Personal Wellbeing Index
  • Outcome Rating Scale
  • DSS SCORE Domain based instruments
  • Client Behaviour Questionnaire
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
  • Results Based Accountability Questions
  • K10
  • Organisational Satisfaction and Feedback Surveys

Data in CSnet provides the ‘line of sight’ from ground up data collection to the measurement and reporting of client and community outcomes.

Designing measurement practice

The data we collect is about people.  Data collection must be undertaken in a respectful way. Design your measurement practice to:

  • Link with consent(s) recorded for the client
  • Separate case workers from collection of feedback data where relevant
  • Use single and/or multi program approaches
  • Balance quantified measures with ‘stories’ and other qualitative approaches
  • Design pre- and post- measures
  • Report on aggregated and activity level measures as appropriate
  • Link indicators to outcomes
  • Automate and control collection periods
  • Alert users to collection requirements for specific clients
  • Send links to client’s email for direct collection, where appropriate

Collect data once and use it in a variety of contexts – link it to your practice framework, reflect it in relevant reports, link indicators to more than one outcome, and map the results against a range of outcome frameworks.

Security and Privacy of Client Personal Information

  • Ensure the data remains in Australia, and is governed by all Australian Commonwealth and State privacy legislation
  • Record client consent(s) for the sharing and storage of data
  • Use CSnet® security settings to determine the people who may:
    • Record the data
    • View the data
    • Generate reports based on the data.