Implementing Family Preservation Program Minimum Data Sets & Uploads to DCJ InfoShare 

CSnet connects people, data, and outcomes, providing a clear link between data collection and measurement of client and social outcomes.

CSnet is pleased to provide you with a second update on the implementation of the integration between CSnet and InfoShare for Family Preservation Programs in NSW.

We have implemented the Family Preservation Programs minimum data sets compliant for InfoShare for our partner CSnet organisations. In February this year, we successfully generated the InfoShare spreadsheet directly from CSnet and Family Support Newcastle then uploaded the spreadsheet to Kiteworks, taking the pain out of having to do manual data entry into the InfoShare spreadsheet itself. This also supports organisations like Family Support Newcastle to continue to run whole-of-organisation reports and analysis from one place in CSnet.

Aboriginal-led design and embedding cultural practice and outcomes in CSnet

CSnet is really pleased to be partnering with Bulgarr Ngaru to collect the required information for their Intensive Family Based Care program. We also welcome our new partners Wandiyali and Gawura and are looking forward to working with their teams to streamline the way that multiple programs are recorded and reported, ensuring that CSnet reflects Aboriginal-led design to support cultural practice in the way the services are delivered, and outcomes measured for Aboriginal children, families and communities.

Our partner, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) has partnered with CSnet over the past 3 years to build their whole-of-organisation system and roll out CSnet across their programs in stages so all of the organisation’s data in one place. This has enabled VACCA to move towards having all its programs and records managed in its own database and to make design decisions more effectively about how to embed cultural practice and outcomes in their work. If you’re interested in hearing Chie Bourke and Celleste Regan from VACCA talk about their Cultural Therapeutic Ways outcomes framework and how it is embedded in CSnet, here is the link to the webinar we facilitated recently with VACCA for the Outcomes Practice Evidence Network (OPEN)

How multi-program organisations can manage change for better outcomes

Thanks to Sue Hellier and Erin Beard from Family Support Newcastle (FSN) who participated in a webinar that we facilitated through Connecting Up in May. If you’re interested in hearing about how FSN is managing ongoing changes as a multi-funding multi-program service delivery, and how they are using data and narrative stories to understand the service gaps as a place-based service in the Hunter Region so that they can respond to address the needs of children and families, here is the webinar recording link below

Sue also presented an insightful paper at the recent Family Relationship Services of Australia (FRSA) Conference in May called ‘Family & Domestic Violence: what about the Children?’. This paper is available for download through the FRSA website.

CSnet will continue to support its NSW organisations to generate the InfoShare data seamlessly from CSnet and upload compliant reports to DCJ Kiteworks until the new InfoShare portal ‘goes live’. We note that the next InfoShare spreadsheet report will be due at the end of July 2023 (for the period 1 January – 30 June 2023).

CSnet can help you to get going and start collecting the mandatory data sets and automate the data file upload to InfoShare or Kiteworks to meet your reporting requirements for all programs supporting children and families receiving services in intensive family preservation programs including –

  • Intensive Family Preservation (IFP)

  • Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS)

  • Family Preservation (Brighter Futures and Youth Hope)

  • Resilient Families


  • FFT-CW

  • PSP Family Preservation

Please get in touch with us at CSnet if you’d like to get started using CSnet. You can be confident that we can support and train you to meet the new reporting requirements for InfoShare now, and ‘future-proof’ your organisation by implementing CSnet as your secure cloud-based case management and outcomes measurement system for all of your programs – to collect everything in one place.