Responsible Investment and Impact Investing

CSnet® software can support you to:

  • make it easier to collect data across an investment portfolio
  • manage a range of different investment types and projects (eg philanthropy and patient capital etc)
  • establish clear expectations about ethical screening and shared value
  • set targets, send surveys / generate measurements of impact and contributions against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or indicators mapped across multiple outcome indicators / frameworks (eg GIIRS, IRIS)
  • monitor and display results in real time, form the basis for discussions with internal and external stakeholders, and support evidence-based decision making for the impact portfolio over time.

For example, an asset manager can standardize how information is collected, and yet be flexible in terms of the impact areas, metrics and targets chosen, vary how achievements and benchmarks about performance are measured, across multiple impact areas and investments within a portfolio over time.

Measuring achievements in CSnet® against the United Nations SDGs (and other outcome frameworks) in real time:

  • provides a platform for accountability to investors against a globally recognized framework
  • supports confidence in decision making
  • develops a clearer understanding about what is ‘good enough’ evidence for outcomes and impact
  • supports learning and revitalizes partnerships in the emerging area of impact investing and sustainable development (that’s a contribution to SDG Goal 17!)

SDG 17 Goals to Transform Our World