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Registration for a CSnet® demonstration will give you a guided orientation and five days access to CSnet® at no cost.

You can use this time to explore the system at your own pace – enter dummy data, generate dummy reports and start to formulate the questions that to which you want answers as your consider your options going forward. Registration includes telling us the kinds of programs you are interested in using CSnet® to support, so we can tailor the demonstration accordingly, where possible.

To register, please complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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    1. Not to hold yourself out as having any intellectual rights to CSnet®, as it exists in any CSnet® website made available, or any other related material provided by Community Pty Ltd as part of the demonstration
    2. Not to share, copy, distribute, provide information about, use or adapt CSnet® within the organisation, except to promote information about CSnet®
    3. Not to share, copy, distribute, provide information about, use or adapt CSnet®, or any material related to CSnet® to any third party
    4. Not to reverse assemble or reverse compile, or directly or indirectly allow or cause a partner or third party to reverse assemble or reverse compile, the whole or part of CSnet®
    5. Not to store any data other than fictional data on the demonstration site.