If you want to use or try the CSnet® platform, this is a guide to the steps in the implementation process that we would work up with your organisation. Note that, with CSnet®, you can start on this process and pull out without penalty, at any stage up until the final step when we go live.

A CSnet® implementation can occur as quickly or as slowly as you like. The main determinants of timeframe will be how well you know what you need, and the ease or difficulty of change management.

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Step 1 – Agreement to start
  • Creation of a draft project plan
  • Provision of cost estimates by CSnet®
  • Short letter of agreement to ‘set up’ arrangements is signed by organisation, based on draft plan and estimates is signed

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Step 2 – Project formation
  • Establishment of project governance and management arrangements
  • Initial engagement with service experts and other internal stakeholders
  • Identification and accessing forms, workflows and other relevant documentation, as well as any relevant existing systems
  • Finalisation of a project plan, including training and change management strategies

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Step 3 – Get the ball rolling
  • Translate programs required in to CSnet® activity types
  • Discuss practice framework, outcomes and measurement instruments required
  • Fit workflows and data requirements to CSnet® architecture
  • Document initial configuration requirements
  • Scope any customisation beyond configuration as well as API integrations
  • Review cost estimates
  • Plan data migration if required
  • Seek organisational approval for configuration and customisation documentation

Document cycle

Step 4 – Something to look at
  • Build initial CSnet® database
  • Workshop initial screens and workflows with service experts and other internal stakeholders
  • Review practice framework and measurement instruments
  • Document report requirements
  • Assess changes to forms, procedures to create alignment to CSnet®

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Step 5 – Getting closer
  • Adjust database to reflect feedback
  • Hold second round of workshops with service experts and other internal stakeholders, adjust as necessary
  • Set security roles and permissions – who can see and do what in CSnet®
  • Set up funding contracts, sites and user profiles
  • Test data migration as necessary
  • Finalise database for approval
  • Finalise changes to forms, procedures and implement other change management strategies

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Step 6 – Testing and training
  • Implement testing strategy within organisation
  • Implement training strategy
  • Sign the CSnet® License and Hosting Agreement

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Step 7 – Go Live!
  • Establish liaison with internal CSnet® administrators
  • Set up login to CSnet® Online Support
  • Establish in house support arrangements

This is a predictable, manageable process, based on a stable online platform. There are judgments to be made, decisions to be taken – any change can be challenging. We work hard to communicate well with you and you’ll need to involve the right people in your organisation.

About the costs of implementing CSnet

The basic costs of getting going in CSnet are –

  • Annual licence fees per user – a sliding scale that makes it affordable for small, medium and big organisations
  • Annual hosting fees for the database – again, these vary with the number of users
  • One-off configuration and implementation costs – we will give you an estimate of costs for the implementation, which an only be substantially varied with your approval. The estimates are not a quote, and will be reviewed at key points in the process. If you prefer, we can provide a binding quote, which will include a risk contingency not included if we agree to work with estimates

Other services and variables to costs may include –

  • Data migration on commencement, the costs of which will depend on the nature of the source data, and the detail of the data to be migrated
  • API integration requirements and links to external systems such as DEX, IRIS or SHOR
  • Costs of any ongoing changes required – new reports, new programs to be included and so on, are charged at the standard contract rate.

For information about costs, email Mandy Doon at CSnet®, and she will be happy to provide the details.

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