Communities in Control Conference 2020

Communities in Control Conference

Communities in Control

For community services, COVID and the bushfires presented simultaneous challenges for how we respond and care for one another. We’ve seen an increase in demand for support across the community, reduction in funding for many community organisations, and social distancing forcing an urgent re-design in the way human services are delivered to people and communities who need our support.

The community sector plays an important part in ‘building back better’. CSnet is pleased to be supporting Our Community and the Communities in Control conference 2020 – we look forward to lively discussions about how we move forward, care for one another, and understand how we can work together to make a positive impact for people and the planet.

Connect with us at the conference –
  1. Visit the conference reception
  2. Select ‘Expo’ in the left sidebar
  3. Choose CSnet from the list of booths
  4. Send us a message in the ‘Booth’ chat, or
  5. Chat with us by clicking ‘Share my audio and video’ in a video session
  6. You can also have a one-on-one meeting with us by starting a Direct Message with Mandy Doon and ‘Inviting us to a video call’