CSnet® is a service

Our people provide the expertise and skills to make CSnet® work for you.

Software-as-a-service means we make a commitment to your ongoing support and development –

  • CSnet® practitioners are human services people who know about client information management
  • We will work with you on workflows, design and getting started
  • After implementation, we meet with your people regularly, talk about improvements, and look at any difficulties
  • You can let us know when changes are needed – CSnet® Online Support offers a single place for you to track support requests
  • Hosting is provided – we keep the service up and running, seven days’ week, all year round
  • All data stays within Australia
  • No data loss – data is backed up constantly, and can be restored to a point-in-time as necessary.

CSnet® is your system – you determine the configuration and you own the data!