Greg Simmons

Greg Simmons

Sales, Marketing and
Customer Success Team Lead



Greg is a respected business partner and advisor delivering strong client engagement, solid commercial outcomes, and positive social impacts for the community. Greg has deep experience in building enduring sector relationships, energising people around change and galvanising multi-disciplinary teams to design and deliver innovative customer solutions that uplift individual and organisational performance.

Greg’s role in CSnet is to:

• Articulate a clear and compelling vision for CSnet, identify and analyse trends, project ‘over the horizon’ issues, generate intelligence and bring together people and purpose to set priorities
• Work effectively with and support an organisation to consider options, and devise effective action plans to meet their need for whole-of-organisation data transformation
• Build and maintain high trust relationships and partnerships in the sector and with CSnet organisations
• Bring knowledge and understanding of the non-profit sector, across both fundraising and program impact, to deepen conversations about case management, practice and outcomes measurement, so that social outcomes are at the heart of what we do and how we partner at CSnet.

“Having a daughter with Down syndrome has grounded me through involvement on non-profit boards and co-founding the Kuringgai Chase Fun Run, in its 10th year, as the major fundraiser for my local Special Olympics club.”(1)