Our Company

Community Services.net Pty Ltd was formed out of a desire to assist human services to use data to show they are making a difference, and to do better. We do this by providing a configurable multi-program system (CSnet®) for case management, groupwork and community development and education work records, integrated with outcome measurement. The company is solely focussed on the provision of online client information services to human service organisations.

Our offices are currently in Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. We support services in urban, regional, rural and remote locations across Australia and in the Asia Pacific.

Our impact arises from the collaboration of the organisations using CSnet®, the people and communities using human services, and funders that support the work done. We measure outcomes, report on contract requirements, and move data between partners and funding programs. We are part of an emerging human services information and technology ecosystem, supporting evidence-based practice, good governance and multi-service provider collaboration.

The company has grown steadily since its creation in 2011. An important part of defining who we are as a company was our certification as a Benefit Corporation in February 2015.

What’s a B Corp?

B Corps are a new type of company that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. The B stands for Benefit. It is like a Fair Trade certification that operates on the level of the whole business, rather than just the service or product.

Companies that certify as B Corps commit to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We measure our performance and impact on all our stakeholders – workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment, not just shareholders. The aim is to harness the power of private enterprise to create public benefit – to bring together like-minded and inspiring companies to innovate, share good organisational practice, and collaborate for better business and social outcomes.

The number of B Corps is growing every day.

Becoming a certified Benefit Corporation is the perfect fit for Community Services.net. We’re in business to contribute to the good work of our organisational customers using CSnet®. Our B Corp certification gives our customers, our workforce and partners, confidence that we will stay true to our values now and into the future as we grow.

As we grow we want to ensure that being a B Corp, and the values we hold dear, are entrenched in the ‘company DNA’.

The achievement of real change depends upon systemic effort and collaboration, underpinned by access to information about people and communities who are impacted. We want to be part of that effort and collaboration, by presenting meaningful information – in real time, respectful and accurate. Governments, philanthropists and ethical investors want to know that their investment in human services is achieving positive social impact. And human services organisations want not only ‘to do good’ but to be able evidence what they achieve.

Join us in measuring what matters.

B Corp Best for the World 2022