Uploads and Links

We support B2B links to other systems

CSnet is built with an Application Programming Interface (API). This means that CSnet can establish a system-to-system connection to any other modern API-enabled software system – this is the way of the future and significantly reduces the burden of reporting to multiple funding agencies.

We connect automatically to government reporting systems like DSS Data Exchange

CSnet automatically uploads data to DSS DataExchange in real time – no need to manually run reports, no duplicate data entry outside of CSnet.

CSnet will also automatically upload data to report against DSS Data Exchange SCORE Outcomes framework.
Other CSnet initiatives underway to put in place B2B links include:

  • NDIS
  • SHOR and
  • In Victoria IRIS

We support back-office system links

CSnet will link through its API to other systems to streamline your back office systems, for example, payments, finance and HR systems.

We support collaboration for collective impact across organisations

CSnet has a number of innovative ways to support sharing of client information across organisations through the use of security roles built into the system, storage of consents and permissions from clients.

CSnet enables multiple organisations to work collaboratively, utilise shared communication, data collection and reporting strategies – to build motivation for cross-sector and community-wide approaches to solving complex social problems.

A number of organisations have come together to share an isolated CSnet® database, and have done so for some time. Whilst they are fully independent, from time to time, these organisations share configuration ideas and new report options as a means of both sharing practice and reducing costs. It’s a great way to build client information management expertise in a network.